Repurposed Driftwood Pallet Pumpkin

When you're on a beach vacation and you can't sit still a great thing to do is to search the beach for treasures.  I found beautiful driftwood slats that were leftover from a dune fence and brought them home to create! 

atlantic beach

It's always nice to find something you can create with and remember the vacation. 

This time besides this dangerous Portuguese Man-0-War that is usually not found this far up north, I found a whole bunch of broken fence pieces that had a beautiful patina. 

Portuguese man o war jellyfish

The driftwood slats were all different sizes but they had that great grey weathered look from drifting along on the ocean for a while. 

driftwood slats

The slats were originally part of a dune fence. 

dunes and beach fence

On Homeroad I've made many driftwood projects from beach treasures

Today I'm going to turn my treasures into a pallet pumpkin.

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Vacation projects are always fun to make while you're there or when you get home. 

To make this pumpkin I began by laying out the pieces of driftwood in a row. 

Using wood glue and a staple gun, I used paint stirrers cut to size to connect the driftwood pieces. 

driftwood pallet

Next, I used my circular saw to cut off the ends of the driftwood and create a rectangular shape. 

driftwood pallet cut to size

Now it was time to give my pumpkin a little orange color. 

I used a chip brush and a tiny amount of orange paint to brush a light coat of orange onto the driftwood.

The orange evened out the color variations in the driftwood. 

Next, I used a toilet paper tube wrapped in burlap to create a stem. 

toilet paper pumpkin stem

It was easy to create just wrap the burlap and tuck in the top.

I added fall foliage and a bow to the stem area. 

fall foliage around stem

Next, I drilled 2 holes in the top of my pumpkin and used rebar wire to create a curly hanger.

drilled holes in pumpkin pallet

curly rebar hanger

My driftwood pieces are now a rustic pumpkin that reminds me of my beach vacation all through the Fall season. 

driftwood pumpkin

pallet pumpkin in a metal basket

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driftwood orange pumpkin with stem

After all, I just can not sit and do nothing on vacation! 🤣

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front door with wreath and pumpkin


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