How to Make Glittered Acorns for Fall

I'm revisiting an old Homeroad project today because these are a quick and easy project and look beautiful for Fall! Some years are better than others for acorns and when I made these beautiful glittered acorns, it was a very good year! 

glittered acorns

When you read about making these, picture them in multi-colors, on a wreath, in a bowl, or sprinkled across your dining table. 

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Some years are better than others for acorns around here.

If you don't have any acorns in your area faux acorns can be purchased on Amazon and will work just as well as real ones.

I began by removing the caps and painting my acorns orange.

I created a beautiful DIY orange paint by mixing a few great colors.

I've seen it suggested that you should spray the acorns with bug spray before you paint them to kill any bugs that might be inside.  

I've also heard that putting them in the oven on 250 for 30 minutes or so will kill any bugs too. 

orange painted acorns

After letting the acorns dry I coated the painted acorns with Modge Podge. 

I then rolled the acorns around in a very fine orange glitter.

I used orange but you could use any color! 

rolling acorns in glitter

When the beautiful little acorns were dry, I hot glued the caps back on.

0range glittered acorns

These glittered acorns are a gorgeous little fall accent to fill a dough bowl or basket.

glittered acorns in a bowl

glittered orange acorns


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