Garage Makeover Ideas

Next up on my list of home improvements is the garage. Have you ever wished you could click your fingers and have your messy garage instantly made over? It wasn't instant but 3 days later our garage looks organized, clean, and amazing!  

tools hanging on a towel bar

I wish I had a before photo of this garage but just let it be said that it was bad! 

old garage door

We have a 1960 colonial, we've updated bathrooms and made-over almost every inch of this house including just recently painting the railings

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A few days ago I decided to tackle the garage. 

It didn't start as a whole garage project... it started out small. 

The garage project began with a pegboard that was hanging by the door to the house that had been hanging there since we moved in 26 years ago.

It was really a mess but I thought a little paint couldn't hurt. 

painted old pegboard

I painted the pegboard to make it look a little better and BANG 💥 my whole garage project was in full gear! 

It was one of those projects that happens when you just wanted to paint one thing and ended up doing the whole room. 

Once I painted the pegboard I decided to create a board and batten wall under it to hang things we might need like umbrellas.

board and batten pieces

You can read all about the board and batten process by visiting this story. 

I added PVC moulding and found a peg rack which I hung low to hang shoes. 

shoe rack pegs

I added a frame to the pegboard using a broken baby gate, I cut apart the wood and lined the pegboard. 

pegboard with frame

Lastly, I painted the entire area and added hooks, a sign and wreath. 

At this point it needed a second coat for sure! 

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement for this space

entry are with hooks, wreath and sign

Now I'm looking around and notice that the walls in the garage had never been painted... it was the original wall board from 1960!

So... I ran to Home Depot, grabbed a gallon of oops paint with primer, and painted around the new board and batten. 

wall around pegboard

entryway drop station

And next there was the door... it  had been replaced at one time but the trim was never finished or painted. 

So I fixed that too!

painted door and trim

Then the wall around the door was a mess so out came my HomeRight roller and the rest is history.

This roller is amazing! It sucks up the paint and you just roll it onto the wall without constantly bending back into the tray! 

At one point I was standing on top of the refrigerator cutting in the top of the wall!

I wasn't very neat, didn't fill every hole, and continued painting the remaining 2 walls. 

After all, it was a garage. 

garage painted wall

While I waited for the paint to dry I went through all the boxes on the shelves and downsized the holiday decorations by half. 

I also organized the smaller shelves in the garage using dollar store bins like these. 

dollar store bins on shelf

Along the wall I hung hooks and a towel rack with S hooks to hang tools and shovels. 

I used large nails on the walls to hang beach chairs, ladders, and wreaths up high.

tools and fishing pole organization

Now that the walls were painted, the board and batten area was finished, and the shelves were organized... it was time to think about the floor. 

My husband helped me move the refrigerator, the freezer, and a large closet into the center of the room and we painted along the edges first. 

edging and painting the garage floor

We cut in the edges with a large brush and used a roller on a long pole to finish the floor. 

A great tip is to tape a paintbrush to the end of a pole to do the trim work without all the bending! 

painting the garage floor

The floor took 2 coats of Behr self priming 1 part epoxy satin concrete paint in Silver Grey

painting around the appliances

It took a few hours to dry as we sat in the driveway making sure nobody thought we were having a garage sale. 😆

painted garage floor drying

The garage is now clean, organized and amazing!

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garage with overlay

What started as a small paint job ended up being a whole garage makeover! 

organized and painted garage

We had the garage door replaced just a couple of years ago so everything looks new now! 

It took a lot of sweat equity to get the job done but it was totally worth it! 

entryway drop station

On to the next project!!! 

Oh and here is a little FYI... 

Right by the door to the house I keep a folding table with a 5 liter filtered water bottle. 

5 liter water bottle with pump

I bought the greatest pump for the top of the filtered bottle and now all those annoying stainless water bottles can be kept by the water pump in the garage and my family can grab their filtered water on the go! 

Painting the basement floor maybe? 

garage organizer

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entry to garage

Update:  I painted the basement floor too! 


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