Red, White and Blue Rag Flag

You've probably seen these awesome flags around the internet and like me, knew it would be so easy to make using things I already had around the house! Today I'm giving it a try and I'm thrilled with the results!  

scrap sticks for a rag flag

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All you need for this project are fabric scraps, lace, ribbon and wooden sticks. 

You could even use a piece of driftwood like I did.

rag flag supplies

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The color of the fabric scraps are up to you but I did use red, white and blue for this flag. 

I bought my red and blue fabrics in bundles of different designs similar to these

I began by cutting the strips into pieces that were about 24" long and 1 1/2" wide.

The lace pieces were all different sizes including one very wide piece that I cut into pieces. 

red and lace rags tied to stick

I added white and ivory scrap ribbon as well. 

I tied each strip to the wood scrap at the end of the strip. 

rags tied on a stick

You can hot glue the back of the knots onto the wood for extra security. 

rags and ribbons in red and white

I trimmed the bottom of the rag flag so all the rag lengths would be about the same. 

trimmed ends of rags

When the wooden piece was filled with rags, I added a piece of baker's twine for a hanger

rag flag with hanging twine

On the left corner of the rag flag I cut a rectangle of blue fabric and frayed the edges. 

I hot glued just the corners of the blue fabric to the hanging rags. 

blue gingham field for the flag

I traced a wooden star onto a piece of reclaimed fabric that used to be one of my favorite jackets and cut it out. 

Traced star on white fabric

I hot glued the star to the blue field. 

white star on blue gingham background

My rag flag was finished and looks amazing on this old window in my home. 

rag flag hanging on old window

I love working with rags from scraps, often I pull things from the donation bin and recreate a brand new project like these: 

Rag Wreath

Rag Summer Garland

Rag Christmas Lights

St. Pat's Rag Wreath

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rag flag pin

I'm so glad I gave this project a try. 

American rag flag

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Old window with rag flag

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rag flag with red, white and blue


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