How to Make a Driftwood Sailboat

Today I'm sharing some summer inspiration and an easy way to make sailboats for a costal mantel. 

All you need is white fabric and some driftwood or even sticks from the yard would work! 

beach photo

This project is reposted from several years ago, these sailboats look great for the summer and are pretty easy to make. 

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carved fisherman on the mantel

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All I needed were a few long driftwood pieces I found at the beach, some wire, and white sheeting or muslin. 

First, I drilled a hole in the piece of driftwood that would be the hull of my boat. 

The size of the hole will depend on the size of the stick you use for the mast. 

driftwood sailboat and bird on mantel

Using wood glue, I added the mast (another driftwood stick) into the hole. 

On the sail I used a piece of rebar wire as the boom. 

If you don't have rebar wire you can use a wooden skewer as the boom.

sailboat sail and nautical mirror

I made a hem in a triangle of white muslin and threaded the wire through the hem. 

I glued one end of the wire into the mast and made a loop in the other end of the wire so the sail wouldn't fall off. 

driftwood sailboat

On the top of the mast I added a nail and tied the top of the sail to the nail with a knot. 

On the deck of the boat I tied a fishing weight I also found on the beach. 

The weight works as a decoration and as a bonus it helps weight the sailboat.

fishing weight tied to the mast of the sailboat

A few other fun things I found on the beach were a sailor's knot, a jar of beach sand, and a jar full of shells I painted silver

a sailor's knot, jars of sand and shells


mirror, bird and driftwood sailboat

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Mantel with nautical decor and sailboats

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