Stylish iPad or Tablet Clutch

I just hate to throw anything away, especially if I like it. Beautiful fabric is really hard to get rid of because there are so many things you can do with it. Recently I had to repurpose a stained table runner my daughter gave me so I turned it into something both stylish and useful. 

peek inside of DIY ipad storage case

The beachy, blue and white fabric from the table runner was heavy and perfect for what I had in mind. 

The cool tassels were a bonus! 

The table runner originally came from the Dollar Spot at Target and I'm going to turn it into a stylish clutch for an iPad or tablet. 

Keep in mind you could short cut this by using a fabric placemat. 

You could also create a clutch purse using this same method. 

beachy blue and white table runner

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This table runner sat on my outdoor coffee table for a month or so when I realized that the tray on top of it was making the runner black. 

I washed the runner in the machine but the stains were not coming out. 

It was time to give this pretty runner a new gig. 

The first thing I did was to cut off the stained part of the fabric. 

damaged and stained table runner scraps

Most of the runner, including the tassels on both ends was just fine. 

I began by folding over the cut edge of the fabric and securing it with Sure Bonder Fabric Hot Glue

folded and glued edge of fabric

Have you tried this hot glue yet? It's washable! 

hot gluing side seams together

It was the perfect adhesive to use on this project.

You could also sew the edges using a sewing machine or hand sewing if you don't want to use hot glue. 

After I glued the first edge, I folded it up toward the tassels about 3/4 of the way. 

I hot glued the edges on each side as well. 

First I hot glued inside the seamed edge then again ON the seamed edge for extra durability. 

gluing the edges of the ipad bag

glued side seams with hot glue

Next, I found a piece of heavy cardboard that would slide inside the opening of the bag.

The cardboard from the inside of the grocery bags from my Amazon Fresh delivery worked great and were the perfect size.

heavy cardboard for inside stability

I wrapped the cardboard with another piece of the table runner I wasn't using yet and glued it on all sides. 

wrapped cardboard stabelizer

I then slipped the wrapped cardboard piece into the clutch. 

cardboard insert in clutch

The wrapped cardboard gives the bag structure and will protect my iPad from harm.

Once the wrapped cardboard was inside the bag I attached 2 velcro dots to use as a closure for my clutch. 

velcro closure on clutch

I added hot glue to the sticky velcro dots for added security. 

On the front of the bag I tied a knot using a frayed scrap of the table runner fabric and secured it with hot glue. 

frayed fabric knot

I created stylish iPad or tablet storage that looks like a clutch! 

iPad case and keys

My iPad is safe and I can carry it around in style. 

ipad slipped into DIY clutch

Stick the cord inside and take the clutch out on the town knowing it looks great and the iPad is safe. 

You can make this clutch for any size iPad, tablet or Kindle. 

Heck, you could even design your own clutch purse using this idea! 

ipad inside DIY case

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ipad clutch with overlay

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