Recycled Grab and Go Silverware Organizer

This project was one of those DIY projects that I use all the time! I originally made this organizer with recycled cans and a piece of antique barrel wood. 

black and white silverware organizer

I put this silverware tote out for every outdoor (and indoor) party I had for years. 

It was easy to grab and I loved the rustic look of the old barrel wood. 

tin can organizer

Sometimes I used it for the salt and pepper mills, it kept the salt and pepper off the table. 

salt and pepper in an aluminum can tote

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silverware tote on blue and white tablecloth

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Unfortunately, this year when I pulled out the silverware tote out of the deck pantry I was sad to see that the cans had rusted. 

I leave my outdoor items in the outdoor pantry over the winter, I lock the door and they are usually safe inside. 

I love rust like the next DIY guy but this rust was on the inside and I didn't want my silverware to get rust all over it. 

This was going to be an easy fix because I'm keeping the original barrel wood and just changing out the cans. 

First, I grabbed a couple of aluminum cans from the recycle bin. 

I cleaned the cans well then used a piece of sandpaper to dull any sharp edges on the inside of the can. 

I decided to decorate the cans this time and make them match my blue themed outdoor patio decor. 

tissue paper covered aluminum cans

I coated each can with Mod Podge and cut a piece of decorative tissue paper to fit the can. 

I found this pretty blue tissue paper at Dollar Tree and recently made decoupaged candles with it. 

You can also use decorative napkins

decoupaged can and Mod Podge

I wrapped the tissue paper around the can then gave the can another coat of Mod Podge. 

When the cans dried, I drilled a hole in each can. 

holes drilled in decoupaged can

The cans attached to the original barrel wood in the same holes. 

wooden barrel handle and decoupaged cans

Now my favorite DIY silverware organizer was brand new again! 

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aluminum can caddie with forks and knives

When I made the original, I also made one with 4 cans that one can hold napkins and accessories as well as silverware! 

Of course these caddies can be used for anything like office supplies, kids art supplies, or crafts! 

can organizer with silverware

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