What to do with a Driftwood Buoy Stump

Imagine if you will, a 50 something, grown man rolling a 3' high, 100+ lb. driftwood stump down the beach.

I told my husband I had a good idea for it, he must have liked my idea or he never would have lugged this huge thing home.

He said "you know I could have lifted it onto my shoulder in my younger days"... It's ok honey, rolling works. 


Now that it made it's way into my garage, I can work some magic on it.

I taped off 2 areas to paint stripes.

I gave it a black stripe around the center and painted the top white.

This flat area is what inspired me.

I cut out the number 12 for my house number.

I gave the back of the stencil a spritz of spray adhesive
and stuck the number to the stump.

I used black paint to stencil in the number.

I threw it up onto my shoulder and moved my 
new buoy stump out to the yard...
(no, only kidding!)

My husband loves it so I guess it was worth rolling it all the way down the beach.


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