Easy Mason Jar Chandelier

This is an older post that was worth sending out again! The idea for this repurposed chandelier came together after I found this huge wooden turned post on the side of the road. 

wooden turned post

If you don't have a a large post like this there are many things you could use to get the look! 

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A large 4x4 post with some kind of finial ends would also work great! 

I had this old post laying around on my deck while I thought about what to do with it.

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outdoor deck area with wooden spindle

This piece was just too great not to use it for something...

With 2 pointy ends there seemed to be no other option but to hang it someplace. 

And then I had an idea!

What about using Mason jars?! 

I have a ton of the antique ones with the wire and the fact that some of the wire was rusty was even better!

Hanging mason jars with tea lights

I began by painting what was now known as the "giant pepper mill" with green and white stripes to match a coffee table I painted for the deck.

large green turned post with hanging mason jars

Next, I hung the post from 2 chains that were attached to the gazebo frame. 

I used eye hooks and cup hooks to suspend the mason jars from metal springs and hooks.

Mason jars hanging from hooks

I dropped a tea light into each Mason jar. 

Even better are these bright battery operated tea lights

You can add back the lids to these Mason jars to keep out the rain if it isn't hung under a shelter. 

Mason jars hanging in a row with candles

The best part is that the new chandelier is also visible through the window into my kitchen.

Green post with hanging blue and clear Mason Jars

This easy creation looks gorgeous at night!

If you love repurposed chandeliers I have a few to show you...

I made a fun red one that holds a plant in the gazebo. 

Also this repurposed chandelier holds terra cotta pots for plants. 

All this tin punched chandelier needed was a quick coat of bright green paint to become an outdoor beauty! 

Hanging Mason jars at night

Hanging jars with lights on at night

It was so easy to make! 

hanging mason jar Pinterest pin with overlay

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