USA Stars and a Summer Mantel

I found these great stars at the Dollar Tree recently and was saving them for just the right inspiration. My last trip to Marshalls gave me the inspiration I needed for this easy Fourth of July craft! 

dollar tree wooden stars

The first thing I did was to paint the stars. 

painted wooden stars

I used craft paint and painted one red, one white, and one blue

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When the paint on my stars dried, I coated the sides of each star with Mod Podge then sprinkled the sides with glitter. 

You can never have too much glitter! 

glittered wooden stars

This is where the inspiration from Marshalls came in... 

I saw stained hearts with glittered sides for sale with the Fourth of July decorations and a light bulb went off. 

Next, I experimented with some die cut American flag napkins

die cut American flag napkins

I coated each star with Mod Podge then decoupaged the top layer of the napkin to each star. 

Mod Podge on the star for a napkin

I've used this technique many times in the past, and you need to know that the iron trick takes out all the wrinkles.

If you don't have a mini iron for crafting, I highly recommend getting one so you don't have to drag out the big iron every time! 

Also, if you cover a small folding table with batting and fabric you have yourself a tiny ironing board that folds away in minutes! 

I said experiment with the napkins because this time I was a little disappointed with the results. 

Decoupaging the napkin onto a dark surface like the blue painted star made it very dark, not the look I was after. 

Not too much of a problem here because I planned on gluing a galvanized star from Dollar Tree to each wooden star so not too much napkin was going to show. 

I just flipped the blue star around and the napkin is now on the back. 

galvanized stars on wooden stars

Bonus... The galvanized star is magnetic! 

You could add a sticker, a magnet Scrabble letter, or any kind of letter to the star to write USA. 

USA letters on a galvanized steel and wooden star

I just love the way they turned out. 

USA stars for the 4th

I added the stars to my summer mantel along with the Dollar Tree Flag Candles I made last week. 

USA stars on a mantel with a clock and candle

My mantel also has a mini ladder I created about 8 years ago and it's been a constant through every season change since. 

Mini mantel ladder with American flag pouch and a bunting

The American flag pocket for flowers is also a favorite I created from dollar store supplies. 

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USA stars on a mantel with a clock

4th of July mantel and a large clock

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Summer 4th of July mantel


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