Dollar Tree Wooden Box Projects

This one is for all my fans of Dollar Store makeovers!  I took these 2 simple boxes and turned them into something easy and fun to make. One is for the art lover and the other is a Fourth of July decoration you're going to want to try! 

wooden dollar tree boxes

I started with these $1 boxes from Dollar Tree. 

Truth be told I've been using them for all kinds of storage both for my tutoring and for organizing around the house. 

In the junk drawer, these boxes work great for corralling all those little pieces. 

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Today I'm adding a little art work to each of them.

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The first project is a cute DIY Fourth of July decoration that is the perfect size for a tiered tray

The fist thing I did was to find a decorative paper I liked. 

wooden box with crackle polka dotted paper

I Mod Podged the top of the box, cut the paper to size, then Mod Podged over the paper and let it dry. 

Another technique is to put Mod Podge down on the back of the box, let the Mod Podge dry, then use parchment paper and the mini iron to reactivate the Mod Podge.

When the paper was dry I sanded the edges in a downward motion with a sanding block to shave off the decorative paper edges that hung over. 

sanding the box using a block sander

Now it was time for stain. 

I'm using my favorite Rustoleum Transformations Decorative Glaze.

box and decorative stain

You can also find it at Home Depot. 

I brushed it on and rubbed it off being careful not to get it on the paper. 

You could also stain the box first and then apply the paper. 

Now I took a frame from the Dollar Tree and removed the corrugated galvanized steel and screwed it to the top of my box. 

galvanized steel and red, white and blue bow

galvanized steel attached to box with a screw

I made a quick bow from red, white, and blue ribbon scraps and hot glued it to the top of the screw. 

Fourth of july sign with bow and magnetic USA magnets

Next I used 3 Scrabble tiles and added magnets to the back with hot glue. 

box with magnetic galvanized steel, a bow and USA Scrabble letters

The USA magnets stick to the corrugated galvanized steel. 

I've many DIY American flag and red, white, and blue inspired projects in the past on Homeroad.

Now for the second project using these boxes, this one is for the art lover... 

supplies needed for artwork box

First I had this pretty art print that I grabbed out of an old garage sale frame. 

Might be worth millions, I'm not sure! 

art work Mod Podged to wooden box

I painted the wooden box with a color that matched the print then attached the print with Mod Podge just like I did in the first project. 

I learned a quick tip using Mod Podge when decoupaging to remove any bubbles you may get. 

Mod Podge on artwork on wooden box

I sanded the edges of the painting that overhung the box. 

Next, I added a ribbon to the top of the box with hot glue. 

artwork on box with bow on top

For a decorative handle I strung beads on a piece of rebar wire and drilled 2 holes in the top of the box for the wire. 

I get the perfect beads from Amazon at the best price around. 

I've used these beads on several of my DIY projects

artwork on box with bow and decorative beaded hanger

That's all it took to create two fun art pieces using wooden dollar store boxes!

collage of 2 wooden art projects

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