DIY Galvanized Tote Organizer

I've been on an organizing frenzy in my office lately and while ready to purge anything I didn't need anymore, I ended up using a few of the pieces to create a great organizer!

set of galvanized bins


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I'm just about finished home school teaching and so was ready to clean out my office. 

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I started out by trying to organize this room as it went from good to bad and back to good again.

office mess

I have one closet totally packed with Pre-K teaching supplies

office cabinets

and the rest of the room has closets filled with crafts. 

DIY craft cabinet

As I was trying to decide what I needed and didn't need anymore I ran across 2 metal desktop file bins that weren't being used. 

I originally bought these from Marshalls but you can find similar on Amazon

I was going to add these bins to my ever growing donation pile but as I carried them to the basement I had an idea! 

I held the 2 bins back to back in my arms and realized even before I reached the basement that together they would make a great tote! 

And so it began...

I cut a board the approximate height and width of the organizers then added about a 1/2" more to the top measurement. 

bin ruler and board to cut

I screwed the bins to the wood on either side. 

bin screwed to board

On the top I wanted to add a handle for carrying so I searched my hardware stash for just the right piece. 

bins with wood in between the parts

In order for this handle to stick into the wood I needed to be creative. 

I used a screw without a head that fit into the holes in the back of the handle. 

headless screw

I cut the screw in half with bolt cutters and Crazy glued one into each of the handle holes. 

handle with screws attached

Next, I drilled two holes into the top of my board and filled them with Crazy Glue. 

I pounded the handle in to the holes and let the Crazy Glue dry. 

handle attached to bins

This handle wasn't going anywhere now! 

Finally, I stained the part of the board that showed and added a decorative distressed hook to the side. 

stained wood and handle on organizer

I'm really not sure what the hook will hold, maybe rubber bands or a cord wrap, but it was cute! 

side view of tote

On the handle I tied a burlap and lace bow and when I figure out what I'm going to use this for, I plan on sticking a label in the label holder. 

galvanized tote with bow

This organizer is way more useful as a tote and can be carried around with all the items you need to read or work outdoors. 

Organizer filled with office supplies

In the past I made a portable home office from a thrift store magazine rack

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Galvanized tote and overlay

This tote would also make a great gift! 

Tote with father's day card

How great would this be filled with tools? 

Or let's be real... crafts! 

top view of organizer bins

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