DIY Hardware Bracket Solution

I discovered an easy and inexpensive solution to securing 
a shelf or attaching pallet wood.

If you're like me, I never seem to have the right brackets when I need them but I found the perfect solution in my basement.

Metal flashing 

It is my new "go to" hardware solution. 

It is originally used for the roof but since I'm not doing any roofing right now, I'm putting the flashing to good use.

I needed to attach a shelf from underneath for this project.

It works to secure a shelf from behind as well.

It is also great to join several pieces of pallet wood to create a sign.

I cut the roof flashing to the desired shape and size. 

It cuts with scissors and a screw goes through easily! 

I used sandpaper to smooth any sharp edges.

For a pallet sign I ran a long piece of flashing across all the boards in the back and used short screws in the center of each board to make one running line.

This inexpensive and easy solution has helped me in many projects. 

For creating this shelf I used the DIY roof flashing hardware to connect the upper shelf from the back and the lower shelf from the bottom. 

The home made brackets are hidden and secure the shelf nicely.

This old spice rack had some broken baskets attached and was headed for the trash but by taking off the baskets and adding 2 repurposed wooden shelves, I gave it new life!

Roof flashing is inexpensive and available at your local hardware store. 

About a dollars worth is all you need!

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