Garden Junk

7:43:00 AM

Homeroad has some good garden junk this summer!

Instructions for some of these projects can be found in the in the green links

A little grill bling.
(ah 1959... it was a very good year to be born)

Garden decorating, I've got it covered, the plants.... 
not so much!

This garden sign was fashioned from an old lamp table.

The strainer within a planter adds layers to the garden. Add a rusty cross for decoration. 

A rusty vintage tub on wheels, aluminum pots and rusty funnels fill the deck. 

An old vintage toolbox got repurposed into a unique little garden. 

 I don't own a bird so a plant will just have to do.

Old window frames and shutters add interest to an unused corner of the yard.

And a couple of junky birdhouses for my fine feathered friends. License plate birdhouse and the junky birdhouse that got the extreme makeover.

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  1. Lovely stuff! That birdhouse is adorable!!!

  2. Nice trip down memory lane! Happy Weekend!

  3. Love the idea of putting the windows and shutters in your landscaping. Actually, love it all :)

  4. I needed that motivation to "junk up" my gardens. Beautiful!

  5. I LOVE all these ideas, especially the deliciously rusty container with the chick and the windows used as background for the hosta containers... We do rust and junk in the garden... ~~ Sue at

  6. The only year I can think of that was better than '59 would of been '58.



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