Garden Junk Ideas for the Spring

Homeroad is using some good garden junk this summer!
Repurposed and found items displayed in the garden for instant decor!

Instructions for most of these projects can be found by visiting the green links

I'm giving the grill a little bling using a license plate from the VW my parents drove the year I was born.

The garden decorating, I've got it covered, but the plants.... 

not so much!

But can you even believe this beautiful succulent that grew in this old tomato strainer? 

Add a rusty cross is easy to add for decoration. 

This garden sign was fashioned from an old lamp table.

A rusty vintage tub on wheels, aluminum pots and rusty funnels fill the deck. 

An old vintage toolbox got repurposed into a unique little garden. 


I don't own a bird so a plant will just have to do.

Old window frames and shutters add interest to an unused corner of the yard.

And a couple of junky birdhouses for my fine feathered friends. 

License plate birdhouse and the junky birdhouse that got the extreme makeover.

One of these birdhouses had a very funny story

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