Garden Junk Ideas for the Spring

Homeroad has some good garden junk this summer!

Instructions for some of these projects can be found in the in the green links

A little grill bling.
(ah 1959... it was a very good year to be born)

Garden decorating, I've got it covered, the plants.... 
not so much!

This garden sign was fashioned from an old lamp table.

The strainer within a planter adds layers to the garden. Add a rusty cross for decoration. 

A rusty vintage tub on wheels, aluminum pots and rusty funnels fill the deck. 

An old vintage toolbox got repurposed into a unique little garden. 

 I don't own a bird so a plant will just have to do.

Old window frames and shutters add interest to an unused corner of the yard.

And a couple of junky birdhouses for my fine feathered friends. License plate birdhouse and the junky birdhouse that got the extreme makeover.

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