Vintage Toolbox Garden

Now this vintage toolbox can be saved!

Vintage toolbox garden DIY

This awesome old tool box can be repurposed...
the trick is to think outside of the box... the toolbox that is... Hahaha!

Rusty Vintage toolbox garden DIY

The first thing it needed was a good scrubbing to remove the spiders and dirt that must have been on this for longer than I have been alive!

I pulled out all the drawers but only used 2 for this project...
yes, you know it... you will see those other 2 drawers again!

I drilled a bunch of holes on the bottom of the 2 largest galvanized steel drawers for drainage.

Then I filled the drawers with potting soil.

Rusty Vintage toolbox garden DIY filled with flowers

The weather has finally gotten beautiful around here so I am using flowering ground cover that will hopefully overflow the drawers sometime soon.

Vintage toolbox garden DIY filled with flowers

 I added succulents and a few other plants that will sustain the direct sun on my deck.

Fill a vintage toolbox with dirt and flowers

Filled with flowering plants, this old toolbox never looked so beautiful!

Fill a rusty vintage toolbox with dirt and flowers

Fill a rusty vintage toolbox with dirt and flowers in the garden

One of the best parts is that it is portable.

A creative and beautiful planting alternative.

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  1. I love it, Susan! If a toolbox can be called "pretty" this one certainly is!

  2. I love it!! What an awesome idea for the old tool box, it looks fabulous!!!

  3. That is beautiful indeed!!! Such a smart idea! And yes, hope to meet you at the fair. I'll be the tall chick with the short husband. LOL! Seriously, I'm 6' and my hubby is 5', 6". We'll have our boys in tow! One tall and one shorter. =)


  4. love the toolbox planter Susan! so cute!

  5. This is great! Where did you get that old toolbox?

  6. It was sure rough but I see that flowers took care of that and it is definitely now trash to treasure.


  7. Love it! I'm on the lookout for stuff I can turn into planters & portable is a good thing.

  8. How much do I adore this?!? Lemme count the ways... too many! The drawers really take this idea to the next level. I soooo love this!

  9. Love this! What a great re-use of an old toolbox! In case you didn't see it earlier, I featured this on my blog today! I'm stopping by to pin it, and to let you know you can grab a Featured button if you don't already have one!

  10. Love this! The flowers and vintage goodness look so good together.

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend party at Remodelaholic! We featured this on Google+, but for some reason it wouldn't let us tag you, so feel free to come comment or tag yourself, I guess :)

    Lorene and Cassity from

  11. Amazing idea...!!Loved the whole look of it...!!

  12. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks for sharing on the Upcycled Linky Party at

  13. Oh my, how creative and it is so pretty! But, Susan...if you leave it like that the wooden parts of the drawers will eventually rot away. What are your long-term plans for it?

    1. Hi Sharon, no long term plans... I feel if I saved it from the trash and it looks beautiful for just a season, then I'm happy. If my planter does rot than at least I had a pretty planter on my deck for the summer. :)

  14. Love it! What a unique piece and a wonderful planter.

  15. ok, my system just crapped out, so gonna do this again. again, I just found this post and I love it!!! and I did poke around a bit,,,,,good stuff!!! thanks for sharing!!!

    Angela from NJ

  16. Susan, this is so adorable and love the upcycle. Thanks so much for linking up with us at our Something to Talk About Link Party today xo Lisa at Concord Cottage

  17. Susan, how are you? I just wanted to pop on back to let you know that your fab vintage Toolbox Garden is being featured tomorrow at our Something to Talk About Link Party. Come on back to join the fun at 6 am est. have a great day, Lisa

  18. Portable is good since you're in the middle of a blizzard!!!

    Love this vintage toolbox garden Susan.

    Pinning, and sharing on Facebook.

    stay warm my friend!


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