Make Your Own American Flag Jean Shorts

I'm happy to say, the creativity gene has been passed!

Daughter #2 found a Pinterest project that sparked the creativity that I knew she possessed.

After cutting off a pair of old jeans, Kylie got right to painting... (sitting on my kitchen counter I might add)
but I have to say it makes me smile to see my daughters create! 

First she printed out stars, cut them out with a razor, then used white paint to stencil the stars onto one of the pockets. 

I'm adding Amazon affiliate links to this post so you can make this project with no additional cost to you. 

Before the paint dried, Kylie sprinkled on clear glitter to give the stars a grainy texture... 

Next she painted the blue field.

Texture gives the stars added dimension and they look great!

On the other pocket Ky painted red and white stripes.

The paint she used on the shorts today is Deco Art's 

The back of the jean shorts are looking fantastic!

Now here is the front...

And yes, your eyes aren't playing tricks...

That is a Bedazzler

I see these things at garage sales all the time so needless to say I wasn't thrilled to have to go buy one but in the name of creativity... I did. The affiliate link above will link you to your own Bedazzler!

Look at that bedazzled pocket... it was totally worth it!

Need an outfit that is a little more conservative? How about painting and bedazzeling a jean jacket or a pair of jeans? 

Beautiful job Kylie!


I know she is going to look awesome in these 
very creative new shorts at her party!


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  1. Oh, your jean shorts are great and so patriotic! In the 70's I used to decorate my jeans and even my shorts and not only that, in NY's Greenwich Village artists would decorate your jeans too. I love them and have a happy Fourth!

  2. So cool!!! Just dropping in from Practically Functional to check these out!! I believe I still have my bedazzler, LOL! Now following via GFC!!


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