Kitchen Farmhouse Light... Repainted.

Yes, you can paint a metal light...

Hanging metal light
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The farmhouse light above my table began its life
as a Home Depot cheap-o special.

I married a $25.00 stainless steel utility light with 
the pole from a ceiling fan.

You can read about where it originated in this post

Silver farmhouse hanging light

After living with it for a while, I decided it was a
little too stainless steel-y and a little too shiny for me.

So I painted it.
Here it is still just a little bit wet because I can't 
wait for anything to dry before I take the pictures.

Hanging light with a coat of oil rubbed bronze color

I used Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Metallic
in Oil Rubbed Bronze

 It comes in spray paint as well but I couldn't use the spray 
because the light was attached to the ceiling.

Here it is dry and finished and 
oh so much better than the light color!

Hanging bronze farmhouse light

Hanging light with very long pole

I love the results and don't think I'm not looking around for what else I can paint oil rubbed bronze... the paint is great!

They look much older and vintage than they did before!

And bonus... it now matches my Instant Pendant Lights

Hanging ceiling lights from pot lights

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