Rustic American Flag Using Pallet Wood

A beautiful day on the deck perfect for a little flag making...

Rustic DIY American Flag Pallet Project

I screwed together several rustic boards to form a base.

White painted pallet wood American Flag base

A quick coat of white paint leaving the rustic sides of the wood exposed.

Using painters tape I sectioned off areas for my red stripes.

Painting an American Flag with painter's tape stripes

It's looking a patriotic already!

The tape was removed to reveal the white stripes, then I painted a bright blue field.

Rustic pallet wood American Flag Tutorial

I traced a large star that I cut out using my cutting machine
and painted it in with white.

Rustic pallet wood American Flag DIY Tutorial

I gave the flag a coat of dark wax for a rustic look and that was it.

Rustic and Repurposed Pallet American Flag

Have a Happy Fourth of July!


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