DIY Repurposed Hanging Chalkboard

       When I found this little pan I knew just what I'd do.

DIY Repurposed Hanging Chalkboard

It looked like this at a garage sale.

Repurposed Hanging Chalkboard

I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be for... it was too decorative looking to cook with... but what do I know about cooking? Not much. 

I gave it a couple of coats of chalkboard paint

Repurposed Hanging Chalkboard Pan

Then added a small piece of Scrabble rack to hold the chalk. Mine was vintage but you can buy them HERE.

Repurposed Hanging Chalkboard Gather Sign

I wrote the word "gather" in chalk because that is just what they do around here, Thanksgiving or not. 

 Hanging Chalkboard Gather Sign

I hung it on an old hamburger press I use as a hook and it made a great little chalkboard!

 DIY Hanging Chalkboard Gather Sign

The entire project, minus drying time, 
took about 10 minutes and sold in less than that!

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