How to Make a Metal Thanksgiving Feather

       Believe me, it is not what you think. 
This is not your mother's paper feather!

How to Make a Metal Thanksgiving Feather

I know it's hard to believe but this beautiful feather is metal. 

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While perusing Pinterest for a few new ideas to try my latest decoupage technique on, I ran across galvanized feather place cards on 2 Bees in a Pod. They are gorgeous! 

I wanted to use this idea but change it out and use decoupaged decorative paper instead. 

I started out by cutting out a feather from aluminum flashing.

I had a roll in my workshop from an old ornament project so this was easy. 

How to Make a DIY Metal Thanksgiving Feather

I drew a feather and traced it onto the flashing and cut it out.

Flashing is easy to cut with regular scissors but be careful it is sharp! 

I sanded my feather with fine grit sandpaper to smooth out any sharp edges. 

Next came the fun! I coated the metal feather with Ultra Grip by Fusion Mineral Paint. This acts as a bonding agent. Give it 2 coats and let the Ultra Grip dry. 

Then I took a piece of decorative paper to match my Thanksgiving table linens and placed it over the dry Ultra Grip. You can find my linens below. 

DIY Metal Thanksgiving Feather

I placed a piece of parchment paper on top of the feather and ironed it. 

The heat from the iron activated the Ultra Grip and it stuck to the metal feather. 

I turned over the feather and cut around the metal shape to cut off the extra decorative paper. I then lightly sanded the edges one more time so I had a smooth edge. 

Why not use glue? Because there is not a bump or a bubble in my feather! The paper is stuck on better than glue right to the edges!

Using a Sharpie marker I wrote the words give thanks on my feather. 

Give Thanks DIY Metal Thanksgiving Feather

The last step was to punch a hole in the end and tie a piece of jute. 

I bent the edges and sides of my feather so they would resemble a real feather shape... after all It's metal!

DIY Give Thanks DIY Metal Thanksgiving Feather

How cute would these be with names for place cards? Or just strewn around the Thanksgiving table as decoration? 

A great take home gift for your guests!

DIY Give Thanks DIY Metal Place Card Feather

Give Thanks DIY Metal Place Card Feather

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Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a 
wonderful Thanksgiving season!

Give Thanks DIY Metal Place Feather Wreath



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