Snowmen in a Jar Christmas Decorations

       The secret to my Christmas snowmen in the jar.

Snowmen in a Jar Christmas Decorations

in the Everything But a Bagel jar that is. 

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It's actually the secret of my cooking too. I use this stuff on everything! I buy it at Trader Joes but you can get it HERE.

Anyway... back to the snowmen. 

I dropped a dot of hot glue into the jar and placed in a tiny snowman using tweezers. 

DIY Snowmen in a Jar Christmas Decorations

Next I added a small scoop of epsom salt for snow. 

I glued a wooden candle holder upside down to the top of the jar with E6000 glue then painted it white. 

Snowmen in a Jar Holiday Decorations

I added a face with a sharpie marker then used bits and pieces of anything I could find to add a hat, scarf, and button.

Snowmen in a Jar Holiday Decor

The finished snowman inside a snowman was a hit! 

I sold a bunch already and today is the craft fair!



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