How to Make a Holiday Lazy Susan

       I am totally a Lazy Susan lover.

How to Make a Holiday Lazy Susan

I can show you how to make one for the holidays like this one or for every day use. 

You can use a thrifted Lazy Susan find or by using this Lazy Susan bearing on the bottom of a large plate. 
If you skip to the bottom of the page I will link to several other Lazy Susans I made. 

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As much as I love making these I take a little offense to the name... Lazy Susan.  In case you don't know, my name is Susan but I am far from lazy. 😉

In case you are wondering how it got it's name, there are a myriad of different thoughts and you can read about them HERE.

So back to the project...

I found this Lazy Susan at the thrift store and painted it black, I painted a pretty light blue over the top so any distressing would be dark. 

When the blue dried I used a product called Ultra Grip and painted it on the top and the sides. 

When the grip dried I cut a piece of decorative Christmas paper and laid it over the top. 

With a sheet of parchment paper over the top I ironed the paper in place. 

How to Make a DIY Holiday Lazy Susan

This is a super way of decoupaging that does not create bubbles or wrinkles in the paper. 

I did the same with the gingham ribbon on the sides of the Lazy Susan which was not as easy to do. 

Make a DIY Holiday Lazy Susan

I added a layer of matte spray sealer on the top for protection and that was it. 

The possibilities are endless with all the gorgeous decorative paper available today. You could make one for every occasion! 

How to Make a DIY Holiday Lazy Susan.

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How to Make a Lazy Susan.

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