Scrabble Letter Thanksgiving Hymn Sign

       Here is a unique sign that reminds me of the 
hymn sign at church and uses pieces from my 
ever growing vintage Scrabble collection. 

Scrabble Letters

I began by repurposing a sign that didn't sell... it happens.

I taped off the frame and painted the center grey with an oops paint from the hardware store. 

Repurposing a repurposed sign

Next I painted 3 Scrabble racks to match. 

Scrabble racks

I used wood glue to attach the racks to the board once the paint was dry. 

frame with scrabble racks

I added pip berries to a tiny wreath I had then attached it with hot glue to the top of the board. 

Tiny picberry wreath in a circle

I gathered the letters for the words I wanted to spell on my sign. 

I'm making this a Thanksgiving sign but you could spell anything and change the wreath just by adding a seasonal ribbon. 

scrabble tile collection

The last step is to add the tiles to the racks. 

They are not glued on so you can use this sign again and again. 

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Scrabble Letter Thanksgiving Hymn Sign

Supplies needed for this project:

Pinterest pin Scrabble hymn sign

Scrabble Letter Hymn Sign
Scrabble Letter Hymn Sign

This fun seasonal sign is versatile and easy to make!

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