Quick and Easy Embroidery Hoop Wreath

       On a recent trip to the craft store, I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful embroidery hoop wreaths. 
Supplies needed for an Easy Embroidery Hoop Easter Wreath

And being the DIY gal I am I certainly wouldn't buy one when they are so easy to make. 

So on this trip, I bought an embroidery hoop instead. Wooden embroidery hoops are very inexpensive.

The rest of the supplies for this wreath came from bits and pieces of flowers and Spring items I already had at home. 

nest and bow for easy Spring wreath

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Fourteen thrifty spring ideas

Using paddle wire, I wrapped each piece of flower stem to the embroidery hoop.

Easy 30 Minute Embroidery Hoop Easter Wreath

When I had attached all the flowers I began gluing the nest and bow on with hot glue. 

The bow is just a simple back and forth ribbon wrapped in the center with wire and attached with hot glue. 

Easter Wreath with a Hoop

This wreath project was inexpensive to make and took less than 30 minutes.

Easter DIY Wreath

Embroidery hoops come in all sizes so the size of the wreath you make is up to you. 

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Easter Embroidery Hoop Wreath

This is an easy technique for any holiday wreath you want to make.

            Easter Wreath DIY

Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll give it a try.

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spring wreath with overlay

front door with Easter Wreath

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Front door with Easter wreath

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