Dollar Store American Flag Pouch

Here is a fun and easy project for summer decorating.  The supplies came from the Dollar Tree and you're going to want to fill it with flowers for the summer! 

Flag painted on an aluminum cookie sheet from dollar tree

The supplies for this project are inexpensive and easy to find. 

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You're going to start with a cookie tray from Dollar Tree. 

If you can’t find a cookie tray I suggest you use another kind of aluminum tray.

I made a similar one using a mailing envelope.

dollar tree aluminum cookie sheet

The tray is really easy to cut with scissors so I cut off the edges of the cookie sheet and rounded the corners. 

cut and folded cookie sheet

I used hot glue to glue the sides of the pouch closed. 

You could also use crazy glue gel.

folded cookie sheet with rounded edges

Be careful, the hot glue makes the metal gets hot. 

If you want to make a larger pouch you can use 2 cookie sheets, cut them the same size and glue them together on 3 sides.

Next, I used white chalk paint to paint both sides of my pouch. 

white painted pouch cookie sheet

When the white dried I used my favorite flag stencil that comes in a set with several different sizes and traced the blue square onto my pouch. 

painting the blue flag field

I've used these stencils on so many Homeroad flag projects in the past.

I am not going to stencil with this stencil because I don't want to squish the pouch flat so I'm using a pencil to trace the flag onto the pouch. 

I filled in the blue area, then the red stripes

Painted blue field and red stripes

Lastly, I stenciled on my stars.

American flag painted on a pouch

This time I used a stencil brush and a traditional pouncing stencil technique however the aluminum is bumpy so your stars will not come out perfect. 

stenciling stars onto a flag

When the red, white and blue was dry it was time to stain my pouch. 

rustoleum stain on the American flag

I love Rustoleum Transformations decorative glaze, I bought mine at Home Depot. 

I just painted on the gel then used a rag to gently wipe it off the flag. 

Next, I used a heavy duty hole puncher (which is amazing by the way) to punch 2 holes in my flag. 

This hole puncher is great for punching holes in any kind of thick cardboard or MDF board.

I looped a length of rebar wire through the holes, gave it a couple of little coils by wrapping the wire around a paintbrush then made swirls at the ends of the wire to hold the pouch. 

Aluminum American flag flower pouch

I added a few quick and easy pieces of ribbon as a bow. 

Now you can fill the pouch with whatever you want! 

American flag pouch filled with leaves and baby's breath

I stuck a few leaves and baby's breath in mine for now. 

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American flag pouch with overlay


You could put dirt in the pouch and actually add a plant! 

Or a thin jar with water for a live plant.

There are so many different variations you could do to this fun cookie sheet pouch, the ideas are endless! 

American flag pouch filled with flowers

I decided to hang my flag pouch on a wreath on my front door! 

flag pouch on wreath for front door

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wreath with flag pouch on door



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