Repurposed Outdoor Tray

Every project has to begin and end somewhere.  Sometimes my projects begin again even after they've become a project.  This outdoor tray is a repurposed project from a Christmas sign...

cut up red sign with white lettering

I needed a new outdoor tray for the very large deck table I made last summer. 

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The tray I had last year has seen better days. 

I wanted something small and simple, mainly to hold the giant lanterns that were grey and then red and then blue, that I keep in the center of the table. 

Looking around my basement, I had no wood that would work so I did what any good repurposer would do... I repurposed another sign. 

Christmas NOEL sign with wreath

I made this NOEL sign a while back and truthfully, I made more than one so I'm going to use this one to make a tray. 

Now that is some fancy reclaimed wood!

I began by cutting the sign in half with a small circular saw

red sign with white lettering

I created a pallet with it by wood gluing and nailing cross pieces of scrap wood to hold it together. 

red wood with scrap wood holding it together

Now it was time to paint it a new color, I painted the back of the tray black and blue is what I have out on my deck so a blue chalky paint is what I used for the top. 

blue painted tray with handles

I have a HUGE stash of all kinds of handles from a store that was closing a few years ago. 

Between cabinet doors, handles and knobs, I'm set for life. 

I measured for the handles and drilled holes in the tray for the screws. 

Next, I chose a stencil from my vast collection of decorative stencils and used white craft paint to stencil the design. 

white lacy stencil design

I distressed over the top of the stencil with a fine sandpaper.

When the paint was dry I coated the tray with Fusion Mineral Paint Tough Coat. 

white and blue stenciled tray

My tray was finished and looks great on the deck. 

It matches all the new blue accessories I purchased recently

blue lantern and blue tray on the deck

It matches the lantern and makes a great tray for the center of my extra large table.  

blue lantern and blue furniture on the deck

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Outdoor seating area with large coffee table and tray



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