Easy Recycled Basket Liner

I've had this basket laying around for years. Since we live by the ocean, I'm was sure it held thousands of clams at one time.  But lately I've heard others say it was a vintage egg basket. Whatever you call it, I've been thinking about creating a liner for it for a long time now and I came up with a great idea that can work for almost any basket. 

vintage clam basket

My husband bought me a hooded pull-over jacket on our last vacation at a local seaside destination and I don't want  to tell him but I shrunk the jacket the first time I washed it. 

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The fabric is neutral, textured, and gorgeous so tossing it into the donation basket was not an option. 

I love to repurpose clothing and to create something new so this jacket is going to be my next project! 

First I cut the jacket across at the arm pits. 

cut fabric piece

The jacket was a pull-over so I ended up with a hemmed piece of fabric that was sewn on both sides and had a raw edge on one end. 

I had to remove the pocket on the front but that was easy. 

The fabric tube I created fit perfectly inside an old clam basket I had, it even had slits in the sides that fit around the basket handles. 

If you'd like to create similar, this basket from Target would work great

On the unfinished end of the fabric I used a needle and thread to stitch over and under until I went all the way to the other end then pulled the string to gather the fabric. 

gathered fabric for bottom of basket

I tied off the thread and the fabric now had a gathered bottom. 

liner in clam basket with gathered bottom

Next, I traced a plate to make a circle on cardboard. 

I used another piece of the back of the jacket to cover the cardboard. 

I used hot glue to attach the fabric to the cardboard. 

fabric wrapped cardboard circle

I added hot glue around the gathered bottom of the liner as it sat in the metal basket then glued the circular base inside. 

fabric lined circle in base of basket

At the top of the basket I attached the ends of the hemmed bottom with hot glue and added a large button

button covered handle edge

I used one of the strings from the jacket to tie around the metal basket handle for decoration. 

tie on handle of basket

The liner from my seaside vacation was the perfect addition to this vintage clam basket. 

clam basket with liner

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lined basket with buffalo check pillow and Pinterest overlay

I repurposed the sweet gift from my husband and can now admire it in its new role.

You could also do similar in a taller basket to use as a laundry basket or end table with storage.

clam basket with white liner

inside view of lined basket

The basket is perfect for holding blankets and pillows or even beautiful artificial flowers like I wrote about in this story!

basket with long stemmed tulips

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hanging clam basket with liner


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