Dollar Store Wooden DIY Drink Coasters

Another fun project from Dollar Tree.  While I was there the last time I grabbed a Jenga-ish wooden game.  I've used these games many times in the past to create ornaments and projects for the home. 

stack of coasters with feather stencil and jute tie

I opened the box as soon as I got home and was surprised to see how tiny the blocks were! 

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Ok, it's the dollar store... I guess I couldn't expect that they would be the same size as the more expensive game.

I dumped out the game on the table and played around with the pieces. 

Wooden dollar store blocks in a pattern

Suddenly I had an idea! Coasters! 

I could make coasters with them. 

I could just glue them together in a square and call it a coaster! 

wooden dollar store game blocks in a pattern

Except that because they were a slippery wood, they would slide all over the table with a drink on them. 

I would need to add cork to the bottom. 

I'll put that idea in the back of my mind until I run across some cork.

Well a few days later, I ran across some cork! 

I was perusing Marshalls and I found a package of cork coasters! 

package of cork coasters

They were just thin pieces of cork but they said coasters and and pack of 6 was only $2.99 so I brought them home. 

They were made by a company called 3D Cork out of Portugal.

You can buy similar on by visiting these Amazon cork coasters.

As soon, yes the minute, I walked into the house I sat down to figure out the coaster/wooden game idea. 

And wouldn't you know it but those small sized wooden blocks fit perfectly on those 4" cork coasters!

wooden blocks on cork coasters

Yes they did! 

No cutting, sanding, or maneuvering required. 

wooden blocks fit perfectly on the coaster

I just laid out my block pattern on the cork and they fit!

I went back in with wood glue to attach the wooden blocks to the cork.

row of 3 coasters made with blocks

I will caution you before you find out too late like I did, you're going to need to glue between your blocks as well as on the cork because the cork is flexible and the blocks will flex too.

From here you could paint them, stain them, or give them a quick stencil like I did! 

The stencil I used came in this pack of 25 small stencils.

black feather stenciled on coaster

rows of coasters with feathers stenciled on top

They're gonna look even better with a glass of wine on top! 🍷... Just saying! 

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Pile of stenciled coasters

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pile of coasters tied with jute and Pinterest overlay

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Black feathers on wooden coasters


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