Wooden Fire Pit Cover

First there was the 

After living with the fire pit for a couple of years,
we decided a cover might be nice for those times when we aren't using it for a fire.

I started out by cutting a large circle in a big piece 
of 1" thick plywood we had hanging around.

To make a circle I first found the center of the wood. 

I measured the width of the plywood, found the center, then attached string on a tack to the center point. 

I tied the other end of the string to a pencil and drew a big circle.

I was careful to hold my pencil upright and honestly, for this project it didn't matter how perfect my circle turned out.

I used a jigsaw to cut the circle, then I trimmed and sanded all the rough edges.

I laid it down on top of the fire pit, it was large enough to cover the center hole.

*You may want to give the plywood circle a coat of Polycrylic or something that will protect the plywood from the weather.

I covered the whole thing with a wildly awesome oilcloth tablecloth that fit over the top and draped down the sides perfectly!

The oilcloth is waterproof and keeps the wood inside 
dry for the next fire, it even matches the oilcloth pillows on the chairs and the couch.

This makes a great table to rest your magazines and drinks if you just happen to be off for the summer and plan on spending a lot of time out here.

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