Sand Dollar Garland Knock Off

This post is from a while back so whatever you do, please excuse the old photos!  This project and a few more are for all of you shell lovers looking for a quick and easy summer decorating idea.

starfish and sand dollar garland

A while back Pottery Barn had a beautiful sand dollar garland hanging over one of their headboards.

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It was beautiful and here is my own knock-off version...

I started with faux starfish and sand dollars. 

The shells I used are not real but you can not tell, even close up!

You could certainly use real sand dollars and starfish if you are lucky enough to find some.

I began by tying them onto a length of waxed twine.

sand dollar and starfish on a length of waxed thread

sand dollar on a wooden board

When they were all tied onto the length of twine,

I added small coral between each piece.

Another idea is to spray paint the starfish, maybe with a metallic color like gold or silver.

I hung the garland below my fireplace mantel.

mantel with shell candlesticks and garland

I also made the seashell candlesticks by just hot gluing beautiful shells into the top of thrifted candlesticks, it was a simple project.

Starfish and shells on a garland

I think my garland came out looking just as good as theirs!

Another shell idea is to decoupage clam shells, this was a fun project with great results!

Before you go you're going to want to see the beautiful shiny shells I gave out as gifts

Here are a few more if you love summer shell projects!

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