Cabinet Door Wall Shelf

It's been a while since I've used any of the cabinet doors I found a couple of years ago. I love repurposing cabinet doors, they are such a blank canvas! 

license plate shelf with flowers and hooks

Today, I am going to add a shelf to the top of my cabinet door and hooks to the bottom. 

This project will be good for hanging mugs, jackets, wreaths, or just about anything! 

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I began with my blank canvas, a cabinet door I picked up when a cabinet store was closing.

blank cabinet door

Thanks to a friend's alert, I was the lucky recipient of a car load of cabinet doors and hardware! 

I've made so many projects with them already, like this pretty green garden chalkboard.

I began by cutting a piece of scrap wood to the length of my cabinet door.

One cut using a small circular saw and I was done!

cabinet door and wood scrap

Next, using wood glue and the nail gun, I attached the shelf to the top of the cabinet door. 

Now, all I needed to do was to add hooks on the bottom

There was a large blank spot in the center of the door which could be left alone but I had some other ideas. 

It could be painted with chalkboard paint, or maybe cover it with magnetic metal, or add something else...

But I decided to use an old license plate I had laying around. 

license plate and shelf on cabinet door

I bent the sides of the plate so they would fit into the grooves of my cabinet door. 

I added a piece of wood to the inside bottom of the license plate and attached it with the nail gun and wood glue. 

The wooden brace I created will give the license plate structure and now I can fill the license plate with flowers. 

cabinet door with license plate filled with flowers

I gave the entire piece a couple coats of a light colored chalky paint, then sanded the edges of the license plate to distress. 

I filled this neutral pallet with faux flowers that can be changed out for the season. 

License plate shelf with hooks filled with flowers

I just love this little shelf and it was so simple to make! 

Here are a few more fun projects I've made in the past using license plates

white shelf with plant and wreath filled with flowers

It can be hung in the kitchen, the entry way, or just about anywhere! 

cabinet shelf with flowers and hooks holding mugs

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license plate shelf with wreath and flowers


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