Decoupaged Floral Crate

I just love this decoupage technique and if you haven't noticed I've been using it on quite a few projects recently.  It's easy, inexpensive, and looks amazing if you use this little trick when you're doing it! 

floral decoupaged wooden crate

First, I started with this crate I found at the thrift store. 

I see these there all the time, I have no idea what used to come in them. 

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It's nothing special, just a small slatted crate with a stamp on the side. 

But combined with these beautiful floral napkins I found at IKEA, it looks adorable now and has multiple uses. 

floral IKEA napkins and wooden crate

First, I separated the layers of one napkin. 

You can now start thinking of other projects to use the other 11 napkins for because this project only uses 1.

I coated the sides of the crate with matte Mod Podge then laid out my decorative napkin layer on top of the Mod Podge. 

painting Mod Podge on side of crate

Smooth it down gently so you don't tear the napkin. 

Now you're going to paint a layer of Mod Podge over the top of the napkin gently. 

On the sides with the slatted sides I ripped the napkin down the space so I could sand it later. 

painting Mod Podge on top of the napkin

Then I let the napkin dry and moved onto another side where I did the same procedure with the Mod Podge and the napkin. 

Another technique is to put Mod Podge down on the back of the box, let the Mod Podge dry, then use parchment paper and the mini iron to reactivate the Mod Podge.

When the Mod Podge dried I used a nail file to sand off the overhanging napkin on the wood. 

sanding edges of napkin on crate

It cut the napkin off perfectly. 

Now that it is all sanded and dry, I took a piece of parchment paper...

now here is the magic...

I ironed the napkin with the parchment paper over it. 

small craft iron and parchment

I used this cute little craft iron that I use for a lot of projects, it is so much better than dragging out the big iron and it fits better on small areas. 

The iron re-activates the Mod Podge and smooths out any bubbles in the napkin

smooth finish on decoupaged crate

It makes the napkin look like part of the wood! 

end of wooden crate with napkin decoupaged

Now I may use this crate for plants because 2 terra cotta pots fit nicely inside

floral crate with 2 terra cotta pots

floral crate with 2 planters and faux plants

Or a set of decorative guest hand towels fit in it too and it would be perfect to hold the napkins in the bathroom.

buffalo check guest napkins in wooden crate

Whatever I decide, it looks so much better with the beautiful flowers decoupaged on the wood! 

It was so easy too! 

floral crate with 2 plants

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wooden crate with 2 pots and 1 plant


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