Dollar Store Crate Made with Signs

This dollar store project couldn't be easier or quicker and involves a few pieces from Dollar Tree. That's a small investment and you'll be using this project for years to hold spring flowers.  It's a great project to create for a girls night get together project too! 

dollar store signs and mini pallets

I bought 3 of the new Spring signs from the Dollar Tree. 

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One will be the bottom and 2 will be the sides of this project.

They have 2 different versions of the signs so get all the same or mix and match them. 

Next, you'll need 2 of the little pallets they sell in the craft department. 

attaching the signs to the front and back of the mini pallets

I used the Super Glue Gel, sold at Dollar Tree and right here on Amazon, and a dab of hot glue to attach the mini pallets to the bottom sign. 

I attached one of the signs to the front of the pallets and one to the back which created a small crate. 

I added small handles, I had some in my workshop so I added them to the sides of the crate using the Super Glue Gel and hot glue. 

wooden crate with sign front and back and a handle

Next, I cut floral foam, also can be found in Dollar Tree, and fit it in the bottom of the crate. 

floral foam on bottom of crate

I filled the crate with spring flowers by sticking them into the floral foam

If you want to use the crate for fresh flowers, skip the floral foam step and fill the crate with small jars to hold fresh flowers. 

market crate filled wit faux flowers

I like to collect all kinds of small jars so I have them for projects like this. 

dollar store sign crate filled with flowers

The crate looks adorable on the mantel or in the center of a farmhouse table. 

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dollar store crate with flowers and overlay

The crate can be used as a napkin holder, for flowers, for condiments, whatever you want and they are so inexpensive to make, you can make more than one! 

You could also paint over the design and add your own graphic too! 

fresh flower crate with faux flowers

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fresh flower crate with handles and flowers


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