DIY Adirondack Backpack Basket

I've always loved the look of the Adirondack backpack baskets but I've never found one at a good price. Today... I'm going to show you how to fashion your own! 

hooks with Adirondack basket, towel, and cutting board

I began with a fairly flat basket from the thrift store. 

original basket with handles

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At one time I painted this basket for a Homeroad project. 

basket with white painted bottom

Then later I turned it into a winter basket for the front door. 

Then finally, I turned it into one more project for flowers

I think it's safe to say I love this basket and definitely got my monies worth! 

Today I'm refashioning it one more time and I just love the way it came out. 

I purchased 1" cotton twill tape from Amazon

beige twill tape

The twill tape comes in many colors, I chose the beige to match my neutral style

The 5 yard package I bought was just enough for this project. 

I began by wrapping a piece around the top of my basket with a few inches extra and cut it off. 

top twill wrap

Next, I wrapped a piece of the twill tape around the top piece, under the basket and up the back of the basket. 

twill tape wrapped around basket

I left enough twill tape to wrap it and hot glue it on both sides. 

Make sure you fold the end of the twill tape over so it doesn't unravel. 

I hot glued the straps to the bottom of the basket so they wouldn't move. 

straps with grommets around front of basket

On the front straps I added small copper grommets for decoration. 

You could also use copper brads instead of  grommets which I like even better!

straps with grommets

Next, I cut a piece of twill tape about 6" long for the handle on the back. 

back handle

I folded the edges and hot glued it together. 

Now it was time for the side straps. 

I inserted it on one side of the basket, ran it up and around the basket, then hot glued it together. 

side straps through basket

I added copper grommets to the side pieces as well. 

The grommets are really just decorative, you can skip this step if you'd like.

basket with grommets on side straps

That's it! 

Adirondack basket with straps


Five yards of inexpensive twill tape turned this old basket into the Adirondack basket I've been wanting... on a budget! 

Adirondack basket with greens

I hope this shows you that you can creatively make what you see for much less. 

basket with greens

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basket with handles and flowers


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