Metal Carrot Planter

I was inspired for this project by all the tin can projects out there lately. Problem was, I didn't have any cans! So I improvised and it turned out great! 

metal planter with beaded handle and plants

Recently I watched a video from the Turquoise Valentine, Leigh showed us how to make a beautiful hanging planter using aluminum cans and I was inspired! 

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My project however is made with roof flashing found at the hardware store

A little bit of this stuff goes a long way and it can be used for many DIY projects like these

The flashing is easy to cut and sharp edges easily sand smooth. 

roof flashing folded

I cut a piece of flashing into a rectangle with regular scissors and folded it into a flat rectangular pocket.  

I used a fine grit sandpaper to sand smooth any sharp edges. 

folded roof flashing and clothespins

I used E6000 to glue my edges closed and folded over the bottom. 

folded edge of roof flashing

Next, I added decorative metal ribbon along the top edge with more E6000 glue and held it together until it dried with clothespins. 

flashing with metal ribbon and clothespins

Now it was time to decorate my planter. 

I used this fun carrot napkin.

I separated the layers and used only the top layer and Mod Podge to decoupage to the front of the planter. 

carrot napkin and decoupage

I painted more Mod Podge over the top of the napkin and let it dry. 

napkin and Mod Podge on planter

Next, I tore off the napkin along the side edges and bottom.

decoupaged metal planter

I used a length of rebar wire with wooden beads to create a handle. 

I attached the handle to the sides with a heavy duty hole punch into the side of the flashing. 

jar of beads and beaded handle

I used green sage craft paint to paint the metal ribbon along the top.

beaded handle carrot decoupaged planter

Lastly, I sprayed the planter with a glossy sealer to give it a little shine! 

carrot planter with beaded handle

This planter is great for faux plants but can also hold a real plant because the bottom is sealed.

pin button

metal planter pin


carrot planter with plant

Adding a big bow or a carrot to the side gives the planter another look! 

beaded handle planter with a bow

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planter with beaded handle, plant and wooden carrot


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