Easy No-Sew Sherpa Carrots

 I had to do it... the fabric in the donation bin was just too cute to give away so I'm repurposing it for Spring! 

2 sherpa carrots with raffia tops

I began with this great orange plaid sherpa jacket. 

good will donation with sherpa fabric

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Man, I wish I wore this size because it's adorable but I don't so... I'm going to recycle it! 

I cut off one sleeve of the sherpa jacket and squared off the ends. 

inverted sherpa sleeve

Next, I cut the sleeve diagonally so I had 2 long triangles. 

diagonally cut sherpa sleeve

I used hot glue and ran a bead all the way down the cut end of each triangle on the fluffy side of the fabric. 

I let the hot glue dry very well then turned the triangle right side in. 

sherpa triangle

I stuffed the sherpa pieces with pillow stuffing and pushed it down to the carrot point with a chop stick. 

sherpa with stuffing

stuffed sherpa carrot

I grabbed a bunch of raffia and made a bundle, trimmed the top of the bundle with scissors for a flat top. 

raffia tied with zip tie

I stuck the bundle of raffia into the top of the stuffed carrot and used a zip tie to pull it as tight as I could. 

Next, I tied a black and white gingham ribbon around the zip tie and I was done! 

sherpa carrot with raffia top and black and white bow


2 sherpa carrots in wooden bowl

That's all it took to turn a donation sherpa jacket into a couple of adorable orange plaid sherpa carrots!  

sherpa carrots in wooden bowl

It couldn't have been easier! 

Sherpa carrots with overlay

They look adorable in the damaged wooden bowl I saved a few years ago. 

wooden bowl of sherpa carrots

Easter around here is not very warm so these sherpa carrots will be great! 

2 sherpa carrots


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plaid sherpa carrots in bowl


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