Terra Cotta Painted Dollar Store Vase

Today's Homeroad DIY project began as an experiment. 

I saw a beautiful vase in Hobby Lobby and I'm using it for inspiration today.

I wanted to see if I could come close to getting the look.

On a recent trip to the dollar store I grabbled 2 vases, one short and one tall.

You be the judge... did I come close to getting the look I was after? 

textured vase

This is where it all began...

with two plain glass vases. 

2 dollar store vases

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The shorter one reminded me a lot of my inspiration piece. 

I also bought Super Glue Gel and a bag of glass gems while I was there. 

bag of glass gems

I began by using the Super Glue Gel to attach the glass gems to both of my vases. 

gems on glass vase

I left a little room at the top and bottom of each vase for the next step. 

glass bowl with gems

The Super Glue Gel dries very quickly so the gems stuck to the vases almost instantly. 

For the next step I mixed a few different colors of craft paint in my workshop to create a terra cotta looking color like this one. 

I then mixed about a tablespoon of un-sanded grout into my paint

You can also use baking soda as I did for the textured vase I made recently

gem vase with painted rim

I mixed the paint well then painted a couple of coats onto the top and bottom of each vase and let it dry. 

vases with tops and bottoms painted

Now it was time to paint the gemmed section.

I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint in Bayberry which was similar but darker than my inspiration piece. 

If this color isn't your jam... keep reading! 

green textured vases with terra cotta rims

Once the vases were dry I sprayed the center parts with a glossy spray sealer

green textured vase

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textured vases with overlay

Lastly, I filled them with flowers! 

Tall green vase with greens

I think they came out great, not exactly like the one I saw at the store but similar and pretty cool! 

The color isn't quite my style but I have another idea for a different look too!

side by side of 2 vases

These can be done in any color and I think the textured terra cotta sections make the vase! 

What do you think? Did I come close to the look I was after?

green textured vases with flowers

Now if you think I'm finished here... I'm not! 

I liked the look but it wasn't my style so I mixed up a new color with an off white color and about 3 tablespoons of baking soda. 

white textured vase

I dabbed the paint all over the vases. 

When the white color dried I went back in with a darker brown to give it a little color. 

bumpy textured vases

And NOW these vases are more my style! 

Just to show you there are more than one way to create your look! 

textured vases with greens

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