Stenciled Burlap Bag of Carrots

This cute project was inspired from a similar one I saw while out shopping. Often, in the middle of the store I say... "Hey, I could make that for much less!" and I did!

carrots and burlap bag

First, for the carrots...

I started out rolling up card stock triangles into carrot shapes. 

cardstock triangles and cones

Be sure to leave a fairly large hole in the bottom then use tape to secure the cone. 

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Next, using a recycled orange dress from the donation bin, I wrapped the carrots. 

fabric wrapped cones

You can use any thin orange fabric. 

When I went around the cone with the carrot a few times, I stuffed the end of the fabric into the bottom of the cone. 

paintbrush stuffing fabric into carrot

Next, I filled the top with raffia and greenery then tied the top closed with jute twine. 

orange carrots with raffia tops

You can use hot glue to secure the fabric but it stayed quite nicely just being tucked into the bottom. 

Now the carrots are finished. 

Next, I made the bag with a piece of burlap

I folded it into a rectangle and hot glued 2 sides closed. 

burlap with stencil

I stenciled an image with black craft paint and the set of great Spring stencils I found on Amazon. 

burlap bag with carrots

I filled the bag with shredded paper and stuffed in my DIY carrots! 

burlap bag of shredded paper and carrots

It was a very easy project and cost me almost nothing! 

burlap bag with orange carrots

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carrot bag with overlay

If you like the look of neutrals you can switch the orange out with neutral DIY carrots. 

white carrots in burlap bag

The easy egg garland in the background was another DIY Homeroad project I'll be sharing this weekend. 

burlap bag of white carrots and bunny

I knew I could make it for less! 

Check out the carrot bag I made from an old tea towel! 

burlap bag of white carrots

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burlap bag of carrots


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