Stuffed Carrot Wreath for Spring

Sometimes I like to just mess around in the workshop and see what I come up with. Today that was my plan and I think my project is pretty darn cute! 

stuffed carrot on star

I began this project with a piece of orange burlap. 

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I ironed the burlap flat and folded it in half. 

orange burlap with stencil

Using one of my new favorite packs of spring stencils from Amazon, I chose the one that welcomes Spring. 

I'm pretty ready for Spring for sure! 

I used white craft paint to stencil the words. 

orange burlap with stenciled words

Next, I cut the burlap into a realistic carrot shape with a cute little tip on the bottom. 

carrot shape with stencil

I used hot glue to go around the carrot edges to seal them closed. 

I used orange and brown craft paint to add realistic details to my carrot. 

painting burlap carrot

It was then that I needed to re-stencil the words to make them darker, this was no problem I just laid the stencil down where it was and gave it one more coat of white. 

stenciled and painted burlap carrot

Now it was time to stuff my carrot. 

I'm using pillow stuffing and a ruler to get the stuffing down to the tip of the carrot. 

stuffed burlap carrot

Next, before I sealed the top, I gathered a bunch of faux greens and stuffed them into the top of the carrot. 

greenery in top of carrot

I used the hot glue to seal the top opening. 

I used shredded gift box paper for a Spanish moss like look at the top of the carrot. 

Now I looked around for something that would give my carrot a little stability and I found this old metal clock part. 

carrot attached to metal circle

I hot glued the carrot to the metal circle then added rebar wire for a handle. 

rebar wire hanger

This project turned out even better than I had expected!

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stuffed carrot with overlay

stuffed burlap carrot on metal ring

I think the painted detail on the carrot made all the difference. 

stuffed carrot on metal circle


wooden star with carrot wreath

I can hang this on my front door, on a grapevine wreath, or use it to decorate indoors. 

stuffed carrot on grapevine wreath

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope I inspired you to mess around in the workshop and see what you can create! 

carrot hung on grey tapastry


carrot and basket hanging on hooks

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stenciled burlap carrot on metal wreath



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