Repurposed Mossy Birdhouse

I saw the cutest birdhouse made from a terra cotta pot at a flower shop. I didn't have a terra cotta pot available right now so I'm improvising and using an easy to find, small galvanized bucket for this project. 

mossy birdhouse

The metal bucket I used was shiny and had a handle at the top. 

metal shiny bucket

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The first thing I did was to drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket big enough for a bird to go inside. 

drill and bucket

I used a 1 1/2" drill bit called a Diablo drill bit like I did for this candle holder I made a while back. 

drilled hole and drill bit

Once the hole was drilled I used a metal file to file down the sharp edges like I did for this cute birdhouse.

file and hole in bucket

At this point you can leave the bucket as is, antique it with this technique, or paint it. 

I decided to paint the bucket with paint that sticks to metal similar to a mossy planter I made recently. 

painted bucket and brush

I used Bayberry by Fusion Mineral Paint but any chalk paint should stick to metal very well.  

painted bucket

I mixed the green paint with a light green and a light brown color for dimension. 

painted bucket with mossy flecks

While I was painting I sprinkled a little bit of real moss that I had all over my workshop table over my project. 

I'll add more moss at the end. 

Next, I cut a scrap wooden board into a tag shape. 

wooden tag shape

I grabbed a recycled spindle from an old chair I repurposed to use as the bird perch. 

spindle attached to wooden tag

I used wood glue and nails to attach the perch. 

Next, I roughly painted the perch and the tag in a pretty light green color called Inglenook. 

perch and tag with painted bucket

I used E6000 around the edges of the bucket and a bolt on the handle to attach the bucket to the wooden tag with a heavy weight on top.

bolt on bucket handle


Now it was time to seal my project. 

birds eye view of birdhouse

I used a spray matte sealer then sprinkled more moss dust on the bucket and backing. 

birdhouse with spindle perch

I think the mossy birdhouse came out adorable and I hope the birds like it this Spring! 

birdhouse with perch


It's so cute you may want to decorate for Spring and hang it indoors! 

pin button
birdhouse with overlay

To hang the birdhouse on my shed I used wood screws. 

birdhouse on the shed

I can't wait until it gets warmer in our area to spruce up the outdoors and get ready for Spring! 

No worries to all concerned parties… the birdhouse is in a shaded area under a big tree so there is no direct sun!

birdhouse on the outdoor shed

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birdhouse with spindle and bucket


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