Recycled Tea Towel Spring Carrot Bag

Today I'm making a fun Spring project using things I already have at home. I'm also combining it with another DIY project from the Homeroad archives...

Spring stencil on drop cloth fabric

I started with a tea towel, not a new one but an old one from the kitchen lol! 

It was clean, unstained, and nice and soft.

buffalo check tea towel

The first thing I did was to fold the tea towel in half, top to bottom. 

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Next, I made a snip in each side of the towel and ripped the fabric so the edges would be frayed. 

cut tea towel and scissors

I ended up taking about 3" off one side and an inch off the other. 

Save the 3" scrap for the end!

torn tea towel edges

Next, I hot glued the edges of the tea towel closed. 

I ran the bead of glue about 1/2" from the frayed edges. 

glued edges of tea towel

The top edge of the tea towel still has the original seams. 

top edge of tea towel

When the glue dried, I folded over the top seamed of the tea towel bag a few times. 

folded over top of bag

Next, I cut a rectangle of painters cloth fabric and frayed the edges.

painter's cloth square

I chose a Hello Spring stencil from the set of Spring stencils I purchased from Amazon recently. 

hello spring stencil

I hot glued the stenciled fabric onto the front of my tea towel bag. 

stenciled patch on tea towel bag

Next, I used a length of rebar wire and stuck it through the fabric on each side to form a hanger for my bag. 

rebar wire handle

Now it was time to grab that 3" piece of fabric I tore off the tea towel. 

I tore the last edge and formed a bow that I hot glued to the side of the bag. 

buffalo check bow

Now it was time to fill the bag! 

I saved shredded packing material that came in a delivery box and stuffed my tea towel bag. 

shredded packing material

I stuffed the bag then added stuffed carrots .

The stuffed carrots were another fun Homeroad project! 

carrots in buffalo checked bag

How cute is this old tea towel now?!

It can hang or sit on a shelf. 

tea towel project on a shelf

I decided it looked great hanging on a simple wreath on my DIY front door too! 

I made the wreath using grapevine I found in my Mom's yard. 

carrot bag on wreath on front door

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spring carrot bag pin

This project can be done with any kind of pretty tea towel! 

I happen to be a big fan of buffalo check projects! 

buffalo check bag of carrots on wreath


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tea towel bag with carrots and stencil


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