Decoupaged Egg Tassels

These adorable egg tassels are easy to make from an inexpensive paintable egg kit and can be used to decorate many things. 

decoupaged egg tassels

I started with this painting egg kit I found at Target at one time. 

spritz egg kit, paint and eggs

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The eggs are hollow and plastic. 

I began with these supplies:

eggs, Mod Podge and carrot napkin

The Mod Podge I'm using for the first step is a matte Mod Podge

The decorative napkins are from Marshalls but you can use any pattern. 

I began by peeling apart the napkin into 3 pieces. 

3 napkin plys

I'm only using the top printed napkin ply. 

I cut the napkin into small squares and began gluing them to the eggs using the matte Mod Podge. 

napkin pieces

The napkin pieces are overlapped as I painted the Mod Podge under and over each piece. 

egg with napkin pieces

I let the eggs dry on a piece of aluminum foil so they wouldn't stick to the surface. 

decoupaged eggs on foil

carton of eggs and decoupaged egg

When the eggs dried I sanded them lightly with a large emery board to remove any bumps. 

decoupaged eggs and emery board

Now it was time to make the tassel. 

I used cotton twine for this part, wrapping it around 3 fingers 20 times. 

hand with wrapped twine

I put a longer piece of cotton twine through the tassel and tied another small piece around the top of the tassel. 

Next, I cut straight across the bottom of the tassel.

cotton twine tassel

The top and bottom of each egg was pierced with a sharp scissor to make a hole. 

I added a wooden bead to the tassel then made a "needle" from thin wire to drag the longer piece of twine through the egg from bottom to top. 

egg with tassel, bead and wired needle

At the top of the egg I tied a knot at the top of the egg and then a knot higher up to form a hanging loop. 

three egg tassels

It was at this point that I used glossy Mod Podge to give the eggs 2 coats and a beautiful shine. 

mod podge gloss and egg tassels

I hung the eggs by the loops to dry. 

hanging glossy egg

These eggs are perfect to decorate a wreath. 

wreath with 3 hanging egg tassels

You can also hang them from branches

vase with sticks and egg tassels

You can read about how I made the textured vase and where those beautiful sticks came from too!

three egg tassels

My favorite way to display them is on a few sticks with moss in a pot. 

egg tassels on mossy branches


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egg tassels with overlay

I hope you'll like these easy to make hanging egg tassels. 

Mossy sticks with egg tassels

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shiny egg tassel


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