DIY Recycled Sherpa Pumpkins

This project began in the donation bag but if you visit the thrift stores you can easily find sherpa for this pumpkin project. Sherpa is a textured and warm fabric that looks amazing when recycled into a pumpkin...

sherpa pumpkins

I began by cutting the sherpa shirt apart.

sherpa shirt

This sherpa shirt had 2 colors, the body was grey and the sleeves were a pale pink color. 

Sherpa has such a great texture and recycling fabric is great because it's almost free! 

sherpa fabric

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I began with the grey, I cut a large circle from the body of the shirt. 

Next, I used a needle and thread to stitch around the circle and gather the fabric. 

gathered fabric with needle and thread

This can be done with a large basting stitch. 

sherpa pumpkin with fiberfill

I filled the pumpkin shape with fiberfill from an old pillow then gathered the stitching tight at the top. 

stuffed ball of sherpa

Using a thin waxed thread, I tied around the pumpkin several times to create 8 ribs. 

sherpa ball with ribs

Now it was time to make a stem. 

I used hot glue to attach a stick from my yard to the top of the pumpkin then surrounded the stem with Spanish moss. 

pumpkin with stick stem

This project couldn't have been easier. 

sherpa pumpkins on the mantel

Now it was time to do the sleeves. 

sherpa shirt sleeves

I cut each sleeve into 2 tube shaped pieces. 

The sleeves made smaller pumpkins. 

I stitched around the top of the sleeve then stuffed it with fiberfill and gathered it closed. 

stitched sherpa sleeve

I decorated the top of the pumpkin just like I did the larger one. 

sherpa pumpkins on the mantel with clock

They are joining my other DIY pumpkins on my mantel this season! 

mantel with pumpkins

This pumpkin looks so adorable, I just love the texture! 

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sherpa pumpkins a clock and overlay

These pumpkins are finding their way to Bella Vita, our neighborhood gift shop

clock and sherpa pumpkins

They are so easy to make and cost almost nothing! 

clock and sherpa pumpkins

This one shirt made 8 beautiful pumpkins!

sherpa pumpkins on the mantel

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clock and sherpa pumpkins


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