DIY Vintage Cash Register Flags

Sometimes I just love the look of something vintage but it is nowhere to be found in my antique store searches.

Vintage register flags were on my list of things to find but today I'm going to make them myself instead. 

Well, a faux version that will really fool the eye! 

Take a look...

vintage register flags on brick

First I googled vintage register numbers and took a screen shot for reference. If you want to buy them online there are many different shapes and sizes out there but they are not cheap!

And that is why I'm going to make some for myself! 

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I began with the screen shot and PicMonkey, an online photo editing website. There are so many things you can do with PicMonkey and you can do it for free too. I pay the yearly fee for even more resources.

Using PicMonkey I designed a label design. There are many to choose from under the graphics heading but I designed my own using the } key on my computer. I turned one up and one down then used 2 lines to connect them. This made a label shape like the vintage flags I screenshot. 

picmonkey number flags

Next, I used the text to add the numbers to my flags. I used the effects, Intrepid to be exact, to give the page a greyish look with dimension. I am including the one I made here incase you want to print out mine. 

register number printable with intrepid effect

I printed the flags on white card stock using my Epson Ecotank Printer which I use for everything! 

When I cut out the flags I put another piece of card stock behind so I cut out a backing at the same time. Don't even try to cut exactly on the black lines, we will fix that at the end! 

cut vintage label shapes

I used hot glue to attach the flags to wooden skewers then went around the flags with scissors to make sure the front and back were the same size. 

register numbers on sticks

Now it was time for paint. I used black and brown craft paint to dab a little vintage aging on the front of the flags. 

register flag with aging

aged register flags

I roughly painted the wooden skewers black with craft paint leaving some of the wood to show through for distressing. 

register flags with black sticks

Lastly, I went around the flags with a fat Sharpie marker to be sure there was no white paper showing on the edges. 

aged flags with black sticks


vintage flags on brick background

That is all it took to create the look of vintage register flags to stick in plants, jars, or where ever you want to add a little vintage graphics. 

faux numbers in copper kettle with lavender


register numbers in basket with greens

I think they turned out great and they will really fool the eye!  

register numbers in blue mason jar

I saved myself a lot of money not buying the real ones too! 

register picks in blue mason jar

And just in case you got carried away making them like I always do... you can add some jute and turn them into tags too! 

register flag tags on brick background

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faux numbers in kettle with overlay

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faux numbers with flowers



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