Easy Painted Canvas Office Sign

Recently I was watching another blogger's video and saw an office sign on the wall behind her. 

I saw that she repurposed another sign to make this one and I knew right away that I wanted to make something similar for my office. 

This easy canvas technique can be done with a sign saying anything... kitchen, farmhouse, vintage, whatever! 

Take a look...

canvas office sign

I had an old sign leftover from Christmas. It was originally a sign I found by the side of the road and reworked into a cute Christmas sign. 

Well Christmas came and went and I had so many extra signs this year that I'm repurposing this one into something new. 

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I cut a strip of the canvas off the Christmas sign and removed the frame. 

light grey painted canvas

I painted the strip of canvas with a light grey oops paint I had in my workshop. The canvas is very stiff with several coats of paint already. Home Depot often has small sample jars of oops paint for sale very inexpensively. 

large cardboard letter stencils

When the paint was dry I grabbed a set of large cardboard letter stencils and spelled out the word OFFICE. I lined up the stencils and spaced the letters evenly. 

office stenciled lettering

office sign with bleeding fixed

I used a black craft paint to stencil in the letters. The lettering bled a bit under the cardboard stencils but using the original oops paint to touch up any bleed was an easy fix. 

stenciled office sign with grey stripe

I gave the ends of the canvas a stripe of a darker grey for contrast. At this point you could distress the lettering or the edges of the canvas with sandpaper. I did not distress this time. 

stenciled office sign

Lastly, I cut two of the thin frame pieces that I removed from the Christmas sign and attached them to the top and bottom of the canvas with wood glue and a staple gun. 

office sign with wooden frame

Office sign with frame

I used jute twine for my hanger and hung it up in my office. 

office sign and hook rack

It looks so cute and it took no time to complete! 

office sign and hook rack with wreath


The Christmas sign I didn't need and had originally found on the side of the road yielded a brand new sign for my office! 

office sign over sofa with hook rack and wreath

The wall color I used in my whole house can be found here. We love this color so much that even after we renovated the kitchen we went back and used this color again! 


Grey office sign and hook rack with wreath

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canvas office sign with overlay

You can read all about the DIY hook rack here.

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office sign with hook rack and wreath



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