DIY Pot Holder Eyeglass Case

If you wear glasses you're going to love this project! 

Straight from the dollar store using inexpensive 2 for $1.25 pot holders that come in many colors.

I'm using an iron-on design I created on my Cricut Joy but many iron-on designs are available on Etsy too!

Take a look...

eye glass case with glasses decal

So like I said I'm using 2 plain old pot holders from the dollar store. You can also find beautiful pot holders at Walmart, Marshalls, or Target. I will link more at the bottom of this post. 

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All you need for this project is an iron-on design and a pot holder

black mitt and pot holders

I began by using hot glue to glue my folded pot holder in half with the loop at the end. 

To secure the end that will take the most stress I used black thread to run a few stitches in one area so the pot holder would not tear open. 

stitched portion of eyeglass case with arrow

Next, I cut a design on my Cricut Joy. This smaller vinyl cutter is my go-to machine for small projects. 

cricut joy

I used the Cricut Smart Iron On to cut my design. 

Cricut design space

If you don't have a vinyl cutter here is a great source from Etsy for vinyl. 

iron on eyeglass decal

I weeded the iron-on material then used my mini iron to adhere the design to the pot holder. 

mini iron

How cute! 

eyeglass case with eyeglasses

I added a hook to the loop of the pot holder so it will be easy to attach inside my purse or anywhere I might need to find my glasses. 

hook on glasses case

eyeglass cases with hooks

I figure if I make enough of these I can keep one in my car too. 

case in car


cases hanging on board and batten hooks

Hang one on the board and batten in the living room and keep a few around the kitchen. 

two eyeglass cases

I wear glasses for reading and driving and I don't know about you but I can never find my glasses when I need them! LOL

eyeglass holder with eyeglasses

I hope you enjoy this project and will give it a try!  These would make a great project for craft fairs or gifts even kids can make! 

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eyeglass cases with overlay


eyeglass case with glasses

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glasses cases with eyeglass decal



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