Printed Canvas Flower Pocket

Here's a cute project that can be done on any printer using any design. 

I've shown you the fun canvas paper I used a while back on another project and today I'm using the same canvas paper to create a Spring project. 

The best part is that the design is completely up to you and your style! 

Take a look...

basket with printed flower pocket

I began this project with a pad of canvas paper. I've used it before on this Valentine's Day project. If your paper isn't 8x10, just cut the canvas paper to size. The best part is how easily this canvas goes through the printer! 

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My printer is an Epson Eco Tank Printer. I can not tell you how much money this printer has saved me in the past few years. It comes with a year's supply of ink and hardly ever has to be refilled. Trust me I do a lot of printing and as a teacher, this printer is the bomb! 

design coming out of the printer

I chose a free design and printed it out on my computer using the canvas paper. Once the design was printed I used inexpensive colored pencils to embellish the design. As you can see the printed design is slightly faded, I added more color and depth with the colored pencils, after all it is a canvas! 

colored pencil embellished design

colored pencil design on canvas

You can see the difference once you embellish the design...

printed design before and after

I'm using a second piece of canvas as the back of my pouch. I rolled the top edge of both pieces of canvas and glued it down. 

folded canvas edge

I used a pinking shears to trim the edges but you could also fringe the canvas by pulling strings from the sides. It is real fabric!

Pinking shear trim around canvas

Next, I put the canvas backing and printed sheet with the right sides apart and punched holes around three sides. My hole puncher is a heavy duty one that goes through cardboard and this canvas easily! 

hole punched edges of canvas

I used a length of jute twine to sew the pouch together then added a rebar wire hanger to the top. 

whip stitch with jute

printed pocket with wreath and rebar wire hanger

The last thing to do is to fill the picket with moss and faux flowers

printed canvas pouch with faux flowers

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printed flower pocket and overlay

I think this easy project came out adorable and remember the design, shape and size is up to you and your personal style! 


basket with pouch of faux flowers

You can make this pouch in any shape. Once you print the design, use the pinking shears to create the shape! 


large basket with hanging flower pouch

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flower pouch in basket



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