Repurposed Easter Bunny

Sometimes my favorite thing to do is to go down to my workshop and just create. 

I start with an idea and gather pieces I think might work together... they don't always but most of the time I think they do. I call them junk creations. 

Today I'm starting with a glass vase, a vintage insulator and some textured paint to create an Easter Bunny. 

Take a look ...

bunny on mantel with eggs and carrot

So first of all I'm just giving you an idea... the final results are up to you. What you use, the color you paint it and the details are all up to you for this bunny creation. 

insulator on top of vase

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I began with a flower vase and an old glass insulator. I used hot glue and E6000 to attach them. 

insulator on top of glass vase

Next, I whipped up a textured paint that I've used many times on Homeroad. It is just a chalky paint in the color of your choice and baking soda. I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk because it was a close color to the drop cloth I'm going to use for the ears. 

paint, baking soda and bowl of paint

I added a little Fusion Mineral Paint's Ultra Grip because I'm painting on glass. It may not be necessary but it worked great. 

I gave my potential bunny a couple coats of the textured paint then added a little more baking soda for the final coat. I dabbed the thick paint onto the glass with the side of my brush. 

textured painted bunny shape

So far it is looking a little... well, phallic... and now that I've said that you may have a hard time unseeing it.  😂

bunny shape with repurposed parts

I let the textured paint dry while I worked on the ears. 

muslin and rebar wire

I'm using 2 strips of drop cloth and some rebar wire. I cut the drop cloth fabric into the shape of bunny ears, ironed it flat,  and hot glued the edges. 

strips of muslin for ears and wire

I turned the fabric right side in and ironed the ears flat again using my cute little craft iron

bunny ears and small iron

Next, I folded the rebar wire and stuck it inside the ears. 

The next step is to attach the ears to the bunny shape. I'm using a piece of cotton ribbon to attach the ears. I then wrapped the ribbon with hot glue around the top of the bunny. 

ears attached to ribbon

I used a little more textured paint to try and blend in the ribbon with the bunny. 

attaching ears to bunny

I added a face to the bunny and added more ribbon and a wooden heart

bunny face

I think he turned out pretty cute! Like I said, the details are up to you! I think he would look pretty cute in a cement color too! 

Easter bunny from repurposed parts

He reminds me of another crazy bunny I made a while back using repurposed lamp parts

bunny and candlestick on mantel

And in case you're wondering if he has a tail... I made a cute little pom pom for the tail! 

pom pom bunny tail


Repurposed Easter bunny on table with mushrooms

Those cute little mushrooms were another repurposed project! 

Ya gotta have a good imagination for this one but it was fun to create from random pieces in my workshop. 

bunny, cement finial and home sign

The HOME sign can be found here

finial and bunny

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bunny and overlay


bunny face

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easter bunny with candlestick on mantel



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