Easy Repurposed String Holder

I'm pretty sure this project took me about 10 minutes to make and it is absolutely awesome! 

First of all it looks vintage. 

Secondly, it serves a purpose. 

And third, it looks great just sitting around on a shelf! 

See what I mean...

string holder with finial

Now I am no stranger to making DIY repurposed string holders. I like making useful items I will use around my house. In years past I would just make things to create but now I like to make things with a purpose. 

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I began this project with a broken wooden candlestick and a random finial I had in a jar in the workshop. You can find finials on Amazon

finial on top of candlestick

That is basically all you'll need for this project. 

I cut the broken part of the candlestick off and unscrewed what was left of the stem from the base. You can use a simple saw and miter box for this. 

string holder and vintage scissors

I flipped the base over so the cut end would now sit in the base and I re-screwed it together. You can find similar cute little scissors here and here

string holder and scissors

There was a hole in the bottom of the stem, that was now the top, from the screw that held it together. I screwed my finial right into that hole!

string holder with string and scissors

Finials can be found online and if you have one without a screw you can just use E6000 to attach it to the candlestick. I will link more finials at the bottom of this post. 

candlestick with string and scissors

That's it... I bet you thought there was more. Nope, no paint, no stain, no sealer! 

string holder scissors and greens

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string holder, scissors and overlay

I tied the end of the string to the area where the base met the stem and started wrapping. It probably took me longer to wrap the string than it did to make the holder. You can wrap the end of the string inside itself or use a decorative push pin like I did here. 

string holder and greens

I just love this project if I do say so myself. It took all of 10 minutes to make and it looks so pretty I'm going to leave it out on a shelf! 

string holder with mesh background


Finial string holder in kitchen

And if you really want to jazz it up you can display your string holder under a cloche. I made this one from a thrift store find and added a dish underneath and a knob at the top! 

string holder under a cloche

I hope this inspires you to look around your house and see what you can repurpose. Giving something old or broken a new life brings me joy and I hope it does to you too! 

string holder with finial


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string holder and scissors




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