DIY Mossy Spring Wreath

Recently I saw someone make a wreath in a pot and I thought I'd give it a try! 

My neighbor recently cut down trees on their side and it dropped a bunch of branches on our side of the fence so I'm going to make a wreath! 

Most of the supplies for this project can be found around the yard or on a walk in the neighborhood! 

Take a look...

section of mossy stick wreath

I began with an old pot and a bunch of rather soft branches. It definitely helps to have sticks that don't snap when you bend them. It also helps if they are wet and you're doing this in the rain! 😂

pot with stick bent around bottom

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I dropped branches one at a time into the pot and pushed them down inside so they formed the circle of the pot. I first saw this great idea in this Instagram video. You can make wreaths of any size depending on the pot you find. 

start of twig wreath in pot

I kept doing this with wet, soft branches until it looked like a wreath. 

Next, I carefully lifted one side of the wreath at a time and wrapped thin wire around it to keep the branches together. I did this on all sides of the wreath as I pulled it out of the pot. 

wired sticks

I had myself a cute twig wreath which can be the base for any kind of decorative wreath you want to make. 

twig wreath and pot

stick wreath with wire

Today I'm gathering moss from the yard. I also found some bark with very pretty moss on a walk around my neighborhood. I used hot glue to attach the moss all the way around my wreath. 

moss on wreath


If you don't have a place to gather your own moss you can buy a package of mixed moss and Spanish moss on Amazon. 

wreath with moss

At this point you can add flowers or whatever you want to to the wreath. I love the look of the natural mosses but I did add a couple of mini eggs and berries for interest. 

mossy wreath with berries and moss

You can hang your wreath on a wall or drop it in a bowl. I love the look in the wooden bowl.

wreath in wooden bowl

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mossy wreath with overlay

Add a plant, a candle, or leave it alone and just enjoy how beautiful your nature finds look! 

mossy wreath in bowl with plant


mossy wreath in bowl with candle

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wreath with candle


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